Fall Seminar

Note:  Attendance is Required for all NoVA Isshinryu Instructors and Students, and is optional but recommended for all OES Karate Students & their Parents!

Plan to attend!

Fall Seminar

with Sensei Dane Sutton, Hanshigo, Kudan

When: Saturday, September 29, 2018

Time: 11:30 noon-5:30pm

Location: Kent Gardens Elementary School Gymnasium Address: 1717 Melbourne Drive McLean, VA 22101

Sponsors: Renshi Mami Gebereegziabher, 5th Dan – Kent Gardens Karate Club;  Kyoshi Paul Cote, 7th Dan, PSKC Advisor

Time Table and Agenda:

 11:30am-12:00noon       Arrival and Dress in Gi, Sign Cards, Warm-up on your own, Ready to line up at 11:55am

12:00noon-1:00pm         Early-Bird ‘Renshi Circle’ (evaluated by Kyoshi in attendance)

Each Renshi Group teaches 4 rotating study group levels for 15 minutes each group

Renshi Jen and Jaeson Kosarsky: Jodan Uke/Uraken Uchi: Progressive Applications from Kata
Renshi Kotanchick and Willey: Gedan Uke: Progressive Applications for Kyu and Dan Ranks
Renshi Keefer and Gebereegziabher: Shuto Uke: Progressive Applications from Kata
Renshi Gulik and Kendall: Body Positioning Techniques and Strategies for Self-Defense
(Note: The 4-group Renshi Circle and 4-study groups will run concurrently during this hour) (Note: We will formally greet Hanshi Sutton upon his arrival during this hour)

1:00pm-1:05pm              Finish Renshi Circle and Short Break

1:05pm-1:10                    Formal Bow-In: Hanshi Sutton, 9th Dan

1:10pm-1:40pm              Kyu and Dan Promotions: Hanshi Sutton, 9th Dan

1:40pm-2:00pm              Group Photos: (1) Entire Group, Including Youth; (2) Adults (for LaVie)

(3) Hanshi, Kyoshi, Renshi; (4) Hanshi & Kyoshi; (5) Hanshi & Renshi

2:00pm-2:05pm              Short Break

2:05pm-3:05pm   Evaluation of Kata Groups by Hanshi Sutton and Kyoshi Dang

Seisan/Seiunchin Group (White thru Orange Belts): Kyoshi Cote

Naihanchi Group (Blue Belts): Kyoshi Marmon

Wansu Group (Green Belts): Kyoshi R. Miller

Sunsu Group (Brown Belts/Dan Ranks): Kyoshi J. Miller

(Note: Kata Groups will run concurrently during this hour)

3:05pm-3:15pm              Short Break

3:15pm-4:15pm              Seminar: Kyoshi Marmon: Pathways to a Life-Long Study of Karate (Lecture/Demo/Some Hands-On Training)

4:15pm-5:15pm              Seminar: Kyoshi Cote: The Three Circles and Mother-Child Hands (Demo/Hands-On Training)

5:15pm-5:30pm              Adjourn: Bow Out, and Re-Dress

5:30pm-5:40pm              Go to Social (at Sensei Gebereegziabher’s home)

5:40pm-7:30pm              Social

Burke Centre Annual Festival

Team NoVa isshinryuRemember no workout this Friday due to the festival.  If you have not signed up for a time at the festival booth please do so soon.

When: Saturday, September 8th 9:30AM-5:00PM and Sunday, September
9th, 11:00AM-5:00PM

Where: On the main Conservancy Grounds at 6060 Burke Centre Parkway,
Burke, VA, 22015

Booth Number: This year, we are in the back of the festival, at
booth number 15! (good location))! When you arrive, please grab a
map, and proceed to our booth.

Parking: Unless you are loading/unloading, it is best to park at one
of the community centers and take the free shuttle to and from the

Shuttle information can be found here:

Event website:

What to bring with you: Please wear your Club T-shirt, and its also
a good idea to bring your gi. We will be working on basics padwork
and teaching kata while we staff the booth.  Bringing Sunscreen and water/refreshments are highly recommended.

Club Shirt Order

Team, as our Club continues to grow it is time to order t-shirts again.  In advance I need to know the size and quantity you would like to order.  For active club members this is required.

I will let you know if an online form gets set up, but for now please send me your size and quantity.  I will order and provide the final price for the shirts.  Please use $15.00 per shirt for planning purposes.  The t-shirt company states sizes are standard so order what you normally wear (YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, XXL)

The shirt will be Navy Blue with club logo, as our current shirt, and be made of the same performance material.

Please let me know at Friday’s workout so I can arrange for production and shipping.  My plan is to place the order this weekend.

Thank you!


Shin Shun Kai 2017

Where: Glasgow Middle School – Map/Directions

When: Saturday 25 March 2017 Arrive NLT 1:30 PM

This year we are performing at 2:50 PM.  Please arrive NLT 1:30 PM in order to change, warm up and be ready by 2:30 PM to accomodate program changes. If you would like to have lunch please arrive NLT 12:00 PM.

See you there!



Gear and Gi Orders

From our discussion on sparring gear and gi orders at last night’s workout, please go to the Gear and Gi Order page and use the sparring gear sizing chart and let me know what sizes you need for the gear.  If you comment your sizes on that page I will post on the page when they were ordered and the price.  Also send me an e-mail for backup, but please use the page so we can assess its usefulness for tracking orders.  Thank You!