Congratulations to Master Sutton!

It is with great pride and honor that the NoVa Isshinryu Karate Club congratulates Sensei Dane Sutton, 9th Dan, Master, Hanshigo, on his promotion and presentation of the red obi during the Penn State Karate Club’s Fall Workout and Seminar Saturday, 20 October 2012! 

The Penn State Karate Club was founded in January of 1972 by a small group of martial artists including Sensei Dane Sutton.  His first instructors, in the early 1970’s, were the late Sensei Stuart A. Dorow, Hanshigo, 9th Dan, and his wife, the late Sensei Carol Liskai Dorow, Kiyoshigo, 8th Dan. Senseis Dorow and Liskai trained directly under Master Tatsuo Shimabuku.  Sensei Sutton also received training from Master Kichiro Shimabuku and Master Uezu, both in Okinawa and when the masters visited the U.S. 

NoVa Isshinryu Karate Club is proud to be affiliated with the Penn State Karate Club and will always hold Sensei Sutton in the highest respect.



10/19 Workout and Logistics for the PSU Seminar

We will meet on 10/19 at 7:30pm as usual. If you are attending the PSU seminar, then please do not wear your gi. Instead, wear casual workout clothes. If you are attending the seminar, then your gi must be clean and ironed. If you are not attending the seminar, then you may wear your gi on Friday. Folks who are attending the seminar will be released early so that they can get a good night’s sleep. I personally am unable to attend this seminar and will conduct class until 9:30pm.

Unfortunately, Club Sports no longer allows visiting seminar participants under the age of 18. I am personally saddened by this, because myself and several other “townies” were involved in the club at an early age and hold the club dear to our hearts. Under the current rules we would not have been able to participate. Bottom line or now is that no one under the age of 18 may attend the PSU seminar. We are tentatively planning to host Sensei Sutton in December, so all of our membership can benefit from his teaching.

We will need to discuss transportation and schedule on Friday. We you expect a 6:00am meeting time on Saturday and arriving home late (11:00pm-ish).

Be safe and I’ll see you all Friday.

Sensei Miller