What do you prefer: Saturday or Sunday?

Sensei Al Wong and Sensei Ben Ertel have found a location, Gold’s Gym @ Ballston, where for $10 per person we can use their large workout room. In order to get some sparring time with people other than just ourselves, they want to meet up this weekend to train. Folks from the Tacoma Park club will be present, so it’s a good opportunity for everyone. Who is interested? Which day/time works better for you? Options are 1pm Saturday or noon on Sunday. Please let me know ASAP.

Sensei Miller



10 thoughts on “What do you prefer: Saturday or Sunday?

  1. Sunday works best for me; I wouldn’t be able to go to the sat. session.
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  2. Hi Sensei…I can’t make the Saturday time slot and I need to check on the Sunday one with the wife but won’t be able to do so until about 5PM tonight.

      • Ok, that’s great! I can stay until 2ish. Thanks so much!
        See you Friday!

  3. Hi Sensei,

    I have to take my kids to the gymnastic on Saturdays 1-2PM and I can do it after I drop them off.
    Mostly on Sunday, I take care of the kids…

  4. Sensei, unfortunately Karen has a Crew event this weekend and I’m a designated parent volunteer so I’ll be unavailable. Thanks,


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