Next Sparring Session: June 30

The next training event in preparation for sparring is on Sunday, June 30 at the Gold’s Gym in Ballston.  Please reply to this post and let me know if you intent to attend or not.  Thanks.

Sensei Miller


3 thoughts on “Next Sparring Session: June 30

  1. Sensei,

    I will be out of town. I will also miss Friday’s class. Very interesting class last Friday. It seems like a lot of situations would appear in parking lot. One could use the cars to out maneuver a less agile person or one could smack a few cars to set off alarms to hopefully scare of an assailant. Ground fighting on the grass might make for an interesting class. As we get older we lose contact with the ground. At the minimum people should know how to fall and how to use some basic techniques.


  2. Hi Sensei,
    I will not be able to attend on Sunday, but I will be in class tomorrow. Echoing Jack, I also really last week’s class exploring unique conditions outside. Thank you!


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