Next PSKC is 10/19/2013 at PSU

Want to inform everyone that the next seminar is on October 19. It is at Penn State. We typically are on the road early in the morning and return late at night. These seminars are very valuable and attendance is mandatory. Unfortunately, because of new university rules, we cannot allow minors to participate.

Sensei Ralph Miller

Burke Centre Festival

We will be having a booth at the festival this weekend, 7-8 September.  Please sign up using the poll sent via e-mail at the following link: Poll Link

Goal is to cover all the time slots with at least two people at the booth.  Link to the festival website is here: Burke Centre Festival

Gis are not required, but can be worn to the event or changed into over top of shorts/t-shirt.  Please wear club t-shirt if not wearing your Gi.

This is a good opportunity to sign up new members and a good way to get more practice in!

See you there!