Details on Seminar in Northern Virginia on Sunday, December 15, 2013


Once again, we are very fortunate and honored to be able to host Hanshi Dane Sutton, Sensei Paul Cote and Sensei Que Dang here in Northern Virginia for a special workout/seminar. 

Kata Seminar at the Northern Virginia Isshinryu Karate Club

Date:     Sunday, December 15th, 2013 from 3:00PM until 6:00PM

Location:    Main Gym of Hunt Valley Elementary School

Address:  7107 Sydenstricker Rd, Springfield, VA 22152

Subject:  Seisan Kata (Students and Black Belts) and Tokumine No Kun Kata (Black Belts only)

We would be honored if you could also join us.  Having one’s Sensei traveling to teach you is a great honor, and we hope that everyone will be able to attend.  As always, please remember that the seminar is open only to PSKC instructors, students and PSKC affiliate dojo instructors and students due to space considerations. 

Immediately following the Seminar, we will have an optional reception/gathering at Sensei Ralph Miller’s home, with light refreshments.  The address of the reception and a map with directions will be provided at the seminar.

Please RSVP with your intent to this email address as soon as you are able, so that we know you’ve received this email, and can plan accordingly.

Please contact Sensei Jim Miller with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you!  We look forward to seeing you on December 15th!

  – Sensei Jim Miller and Sensei Ralph Miller

Northern Virginia Isshinryu Karate Club