Checksheet Maintenance

We have been busy getting ready for demos and tournaments and now back in swing for regular workouts.  Kyu ranks please review your checksheets and practice what you need signed off and let us know what you are ready to get signed off.

If you have technique questions please let anyone in the Dan ranks know and they will get you an answer.

Thank you!


Gear and Gi Order Page

You will notice a new page titled “Gear and Gi Orders” in the menu at the top of the page.  This page will be used to track what is in the ordering process.  Please comment to that page when you need gear or Gis and I will add it to the page with a status.


Club: Click on registration forms to download and fill in.  Must be done before April 12 to save $10!  Send registration forms to Sensei Jim Miller ASAP.

April 26, 2014

Registration: 9:00 am
Black Belt Meeting: 10:00 am
Competition begins: 11:00 am

Entry Fee: $55.00 All events

Pre-registration: $40.00 Must be received by April 12, 2014

Spectators: $7.00 – Adults, Parents and Children 6 yrs. and above
Children 5 yrs. and under Free.

Refunds: No Refunds will be made under any circumstances.

Eligibility: Open to all styles and systems

Awards: 1st – 4th place trophies
Grand Champions to receive a Custom Trophy

Grand Champion: Black Belt Kata, Black Belt Kumite, Jr. Black Belt Kata

Demo Update

The Club was represented well today at the annual Shin Shun Kai!  Group Seisan Kata and Bunkai were followed by Group Kusanku and Kobudo (Bo-Tonfa).  The ending to the Kobudo was a surprise for the audience as three Lightsabre-bearing Karateka chased off the dueling Senseis!  Breaking went well with Ben’s knee break, Christopher’s hammer fist, Daniel’s teisho, Sensei Malllory’s empi, Sensei Bruce’s speed brake, Jim’s double punch, Sensei Linda’s sidekick, Sensei Carl’s spinning hook kick, and Sensei Jim’s multiple boards!

The food at the Shin Shun Kai was, as always, exceptional and the fellowship was welcoming!

Next week is the Sakura Matsuri.  A link to the website:

Remember – for those attending the demo next Saturday we will practice Friday.  If you have a spare Gi wear it to class, but have your performance Gi pressed and ready for Saturday.  See you Friday!