Club Participation at Burke Centre Festival 6-7 September

We will be having a booth at the festival the weekend of 6-7 September.  Please sign up using the “poll” at the following link: Poll Link  Goal is to cover all the time slots with at least two people at the booth.  The 8:00am and 5:00pm slots are for setup and takedown.

Link to the festival website is here: Burke Centre Festival

Gis are not required, but recommended and can be worn to the event or changed into over top of shorts/t-shirt.  Please wear club t-shirt if not wearing your Gi.

Be sure to bring some water and stay hydrated!

This is a good opportunity to sign up new members and a good way to get more practice in!  We will be doing informal demonstrations at the booth which include katas and self-defense techniques.  A good time for sign-offs!

See you there!