Club Shirt Order

Team, as our Club continues to grow it is time to order t-shirts again.  In advance I need to know the size and quantity you would like to order.  For active club members this is required.

I will let you know if an online form gets set up, but for now please send me your size and quantity.  I will order and provide the final price for the shirts.  Please use $15.00 per shirt for planning purposes.  The t-shirt company states sizes are standard so order what you normally wear (YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, XXL)

The shirt will be Navy Blue with club logo, as our current shirt, and be made of the same performance material.

Please let me know at Friday’s workout so I can arrange for production and shipping.  My plan is to place the order this weekend.

Thank you!

1 thought on “Club Shirt Order

  1. Hi Sensei Bruce, I’d like to order two (2) XXLs.  Question for you, with the weather turning colder, is it possible to make an order of long sleeve shirts sometime?  Just a thought. Also, am flying out this week , back in time for Christmas. Have a great Christmas! Thanks very much, Walt

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