Fall Seminar

Note:  Attendance is Required for all NoVA Isshinryu Instructors and Students, and is optional but recommended for all OES Karate Students & their Parents!

Plan to attend!

Fall Seminar

with Sensei Dane Sutton, Hanshigo, Kudan

When: Saturday, September 29, 2018

Time: 11:30 noon-5:30pm

Location: Kent Gardens Elementary School Gymnasium Address: 1717 Melbourne Drive McLean, VA 22101

Sponsors: Renshi Mami Gebereegziabher, 5th Dan – Kent Gardens Karate Club;  Kyoshi Paul Cote, 7th Dan, PSKC Advisor

Time Table and Agenda:

 11:30am-12:00noon       Arrival and Dress in Gi, Sign Cards, Warm-up on your own, Ready to line up at 11:55am

12:00noon-1:00pm         Early-Bird ‘Renshi Circle’ (evaluated by Kyoshi in attendance)

Each Renshi Group teaches 4 rotating study group levels for 15 minutes each group

Renshi Jen and Jaeson Kosarsky: Jodan Uke/Uraken Uchi: Progressive Applications from Kata
Renshi Kotanchick and Willey: Gedan Uke: Progressive Applications for Kyu and Dan Ranks
Renshi Keefer and Gebereegziabher: Shuto Uke: Progressive Applications from Kata
Renshi Gulik and Kendall: Body Positioning Techniques and Strategies for Self-Defense
(Note: The 4-group Renshi Circle and 4-study groups will run concurrently during this hour) (Note: We will formally greet Hanshi Sutton upon his arrival during this hour)

1:00pm-1:05pm              Finish Renshi Circle and Short Break

1:05pm-1:10                    Formal Bow-In: Hanshi Sutton, 9th Dan

1:10pm-1:40pm              Kyu and Dan Promotions: Hanshi Sutton, 9th Dan

1:40pm-2:00pm              Group Photos: (1) Entire Group, Including Youth; (2) Adults (for LaVie)

(3) Hanshi, Kyoshi, Renshi; (4) Hanshi & Kyoshi; (5) Hanshi & Renshi

2:00pm-2:05pm              Short Break

2:05pm-3:05pm   Evaluation of Kata Groups by Hanshi Sutton and Kyoshi Dang

Seisan/Seiunchin Group (White thru Orange Belts): Kyoshi Cote

Naihanchi Group (Blue Belts): Kyoshi Marmon

Wansu Group (Green Belts): Kyoshi R. Miller

Sunsu Group (Brown Belts/Dan Ranks): Kyoshi J. Miller

(Note: Kata Groups will run concurrently during this hour)

3:05pm-3:15pm              Short Break

3:15pm-4:15pm              Seminar: Kyoshi Marmon: Pathways to a Life-Long Study of Karate (Lecture/Demo/Some Hands-On Training)

4:15pm-5:15pm              Seminar: Kyoshi Cote: The Three Circles and Mother-Child Hands (Demo/Hands-On Training)

5:15pm-5:30pm              Adjourn: Bow Out, and Re-Dress

5:30pm-5:40pm              Go to Social (at Sensei Gebereegziabher’s home)

5:40pm-7:30pm              Social

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