Sensei Cote to instruct tonight

Dear Instructors and Students,

this a gentile reminder that Sensei Cote is attending tonight.  We will be reviewing kobudo 7:00-8:00 out front, assuming the weather cooperates.  Please wear shorts or black gi pants, and we will change when we move indoors for the normal seminar.

Burke Centre Conservancy Fees

Dear Students and Instructors,

Don’t forget that the new session begins in May.  We want to be proactive about collecting fees and turning them into BCC.  Please bring your checkbooks or cash starting tonight and over the next couple of workouts to ensure that we have everyone’s part by the mid May.

Additionally, if you owe money for equipment then bring it tonight.

October 17 Seminar

Dear Instructors and Students,

just a reminder that the semi-annual seminar will be conducted in State College, PA on Saturday, October 17.  As usual we will meet at the Commons Community Center at 6am and carpool.  The members who live a little further out are encouraged to coordinate transportation so as to minimize their own travel time.  The Friday workout will be brief.  Unfortunately, the hosts are unable to allow karateka under the age of 18 to participate, but we will plan to host Sensei in our area in December.  That seminar will be open to all members of the broader PSKC association.  Attendance at both events is expected, unless otherwise clarified with the senior instructors.


Sensei Ralph Miller

Sensei Cote instruction on 1/16 and 2/6

Dear Instructors and Karateka,

First, let me welcome you to 2015. I hope you’ve recovered from the new years eve celebrations and are prepared for challenges and opportunities of the new year.

We are pleased to announce that Sensei Cote has accepted our invitation to train at our dojo on January 16 and February 6, with January 30 as a make-up day, if necessary. I ask that you show up by 7pm on these dates, and that you quickly change and warm up so that instruction can begin at 7:30. These events are mandatory for black belts senior kyu ranks. They are highly recommended for junior kyu ranks.

Sensei Miller

Next PSKC is 10/19/2013 at PSU

Want to inform everyone that the next seminar is on October 19. It is at Penn State. We typically are on the road early in the morning and return late at night. These seminars are very valuable and attendance is mandatory. Unfortunately, because of new university rules, we cannot allow minors to participate.

Sensei Ralph Miller