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The Northern Virginia Isshinryu Karate Club is a not-for-profit, comprehensive fitness and self-defense program held at the Ponds Community Center in Burke, Virginia through the Burke Centre Conservancy.  Its purpose is to provide qualified instruction in Karate, Self-Defense and the principles of traditional martial arts through training in Okinawan Isshinryu Karate.

We welcome any resident, age 12 and up (younger with parental participation), interested in a well-rounded martial arts program that emphasizes physical fitness and self-defense.

Classes are held on Friday nights from 7:00PM until 9:30PM at the Ponds Community Center.  Please visit the “About Our Dojo” page for more details and directions.

8 thoughts on “Join Us!

  1. I am a brown belt in isshinryu karate&kobado. I have been self training for a few years now because I am in the army. I compete in mma and represent isshinryu against other martial arts. I would love to train with students of our stile more advanced then myself.

  2. Hi, I’m new to the Northern Virginia area, and I’m looking for a new Issinrhyu Dojo. Would it be possible for me to train with your organization? I’m not sure whether or not it’s a problem but I live in the Fairfax area.

    • Hi, Ralph! You are more than welcome to come and check out the Club and see if it will meet your training needs. We meet on Fridays and have a class on Wednesdays as well. We conduct a formal class and are aligned with the Penn State Karate Club. I will send you some information via e-mail. Bruce

  3. Hello. Many years ago – I studied Isshinryu under the PSU karate club and have recently learned that you conduct classes in my back yard! Would you kindly send me information on how I may join? Although it has been many years and I would need to begin from the start, I would love to ‘start’ again.

    • Hi Anna! Would be great to get you back into Isshinryu. We are affiliated with PSU Karate Club and go there twice a year for seminars with Hanshi Sutton.

      Send me an e-mail to and I will send you more info and required paperwork…always paperwork!

      VR, Bruce

  4. I would like to restart my Isshinryu training after many years of missing it and also train alongside my 11yo who has a couple years of mma. Please send me any required waiver and registration info. I would like to participate tonight if possible. Thx, josh

    • Welcome, Josh, we look forward to seeing both of you! Will send info now, biggest participation requirements are the hold harmless form and joining AAU as it is the club’s insurance. Sending all info to you now. Bruce

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